The Halifax Musicphile Blog now on WordPress for 2013

Thank you for your continued support of The Halifax Musicphile since its inception on September 20 2012.  I have moved the blog to WordPress in the hope that it will provide an easier read and allow for video clips.

There were more than 2,500 visits to The Halifax Musicphile blog between September 20 – December 29, 2012 with readers from as far away as Russia, France, and Australia.  The three most read posts were:

1. Tim Chaisson and Poor Young Things Tour with Matthew Pickup & The Movement – A Night of Great Music at the Seahorse (Nov. 5)

2. Dardanelles at The Company House – Newfoundland Traditional Music at its Finest (Oct 6)

3.  10 Songs For Your Playlist – November 1, 2012

4.10 Songs For Your Playlist – November 15, 2012

5. Grow Your Music Library For Free – The Legal and Ethical Way (Dec. 10)

To read any of the posts from 2012, click HERE.

Please send along any comments you may have (positive or constructive) or any music recommendations.

Cheers and have a Happy and Musical 2013,



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