In The Dead Of Winter Music Festival Returns To Halifax from January 24 – 26

The “In The Dead Of Winter” Music Festival is one of the most anticipated music events in Halifax each year, with many of the regions finest up-and-coming musicians performing at three venues over three nights.  This year, the Festival takes place from January 24-26 with 19+ shows at The Company House and The Bus Stop Theatre, and all ages shows  at Cempoal.

Artists performing in the Halifax Festival this year are: Andrew O’Brien,  Ari Hest,  Bend The River, Catriona Sturton, Crowdis Bridge, Folly & The Hunter, Gabrielle Papillon, Heather Green, Irish Mythen, Jennah Barry, Joanna Barker, JP Hoe, Kim Harris, Laura Cortese, Marine Dreams, Mary Gauthier, Morgan MacDonald,  Owen Steel, Pat LePoidevan, Ria Mae, Sarah MacDougall, The Weather Station and Zac Crouse.


Thursday, January 24
 Ari Hest, Zac Crouse, Sarah MacDougall, and Ria Mae at The Company House, 8pm  
Marine Dreams, Folly & The Hunter, The Weather Station at The Bus Stop Theatre, 8:30 
 Irish Mythen, Owen Steel, Kim Harris at Cempoal (All Ages Show), 8:00

Friday, January 25

Mary Gauthier with opening acts Sarah MacDougall and Owen Steel at Spatz Theatre, $8:00
 Joanna Barker, Catriona Sturton, Heather Green and Pat LePoidevan at The Company House, 8:00
 Irish Mythen, Gabrielle Papillon, Laura Cortese, and Crowdis Bridge at The Bus Stop Theatre, 8:00
 JP Hoe, Andrew O’Brien, Ari Hest at Cempoal(All Ages Show), 8:00,

Saturday, January 26

 Gabrielle Papillon, JP Hoe, Jennah Barry, Andrew O’Brien at The Company House, 8:00
 Morgan MacDonald, Kim Harris, Laura Cortese, Bend the River at The Bus Stop Theatre, 8:30
 Joanna Barker, Catriona Sturton, and Zac Crouse at Cempoal (All Ages Show), 8:00

Check the In The Dead Of Winter Website for additional information

To purchase a Festival pass click HERE
Tickets to individual shows can be purchased HERE
Tickets to Mary Gauthier at Spatz Theatre can be purchased HERE


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