Analog Songs – Making some Great Videos in Interesting Nova Scotia Locations

If you have not already heard of Analog Songs or seen their videos, I strongly recommend you check them out…Immediately!!!

Based in Queens County, Nova Scotia, Analog Songs bills itself as “a live music video project”, aiming “to capture musicians in a close-up, informal way using excellent video and sound quality to bring you a new perspective”.

Analog Songs consists of Stephen Cooper, Katy Hopkins, Cameron Dexter and Evan Cameron. They record live acoustic performances featuring  Nova Scotian musicians (and musicians visiting Nova Scotia) in some interesting and obscure Nova Scotia locations.

The musicians featured by Analog Songs include:
Dana Beeler
Ian Foster
Jennah Barry
The Modern Grass
Molly Thomason
Morgan MacDonald
Norma MacDonald
Old Man Luedecke
Rose Cousins
Stewart Legere

You can find Analog Songs at any of the following:
Analog Songs Website
Analog Songs You Tube Channel
Analog Songs Vimeo Channel

Can’t wait, here is Stewart Legere’s “Dig Into The Dirt” video:


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