Video for the Day (January 8, 2013) Double Shot: Andy Brown – Ashes & Tim Chaisson – Beat This Heart

New Brunswick’s Andy Brown and Prince Edward Island’s Tim Chaisson are currently on tour together in Australia.   These guys have two of the most captivating voices in music today.  Here are videos for my favourite song by each artist. “Ashes” by Andy Brown and “Beat This Heart” by Tim Chaisson. 

 “Ashes” from False Alarm, was featured in the TV show Rookie Blue.  Andy has a new album coming out in February.  If you pre-order it on his website, you can get a copy of False Alarm thrown in for free (link to website below).  

“Beat This Heart” from The Other Side, features Serena Ryder on vocals.  Tim can be seen on Livestream tonight (Jan. 8th) at 7:00 ET (8:00 Atlantic).  See below for details.

For more Andy Brown visit:
Andy Brown’s website
 Andy Brown on Facebook
Andy Brown on twitter
Andy Brown on You Tube

For more Tim Chaisson:
Tim Chaisson’s website
Tim Chaisson on Facebook
Tim Chaisson on Twitter
Tim Chaisson on You Tube


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