CD Review: Morgan MacDonald – Back To The Wilderness

 Morgan MacDonald is a gifted  song-writer from Nova Scotia. His debut EP ‘Back To The Wilderness’ is  made up of four beautifully crafted songs that take the listener into  MacDonald’s life and move from a small town to the city.

On the opening  track, “The Fences”, MacDonald reflects fondly on growing up in a small town. The lyrics evoke memories of a by-gone era, when doors were left unlocked,  hitch-hikers were picked up, and a trip to Granny’s for tea and biscuits was a  common occurrence.

The Neil Young inspired “More Than Just The  Stars” recounts MacDonald’s move from his picturesque and friendly small town.  He recalls how the reality of living in the city did not live up to his  expectation, describing it as a place where people don’t say “hello”, where  plastic bags litter the streets and “a place that’s lost me more than just the
stars”.  It calls to mind the soul crushing reality a city can have and the  longing for a simpler life that accompanies that feeling.

“Blood Will Rust” and “Back To The Wilderness” are  both up-tempo songs in tribute to loved ones.  The first is a tribute to a  father with a strong work ethic and love for the wilderness.   The second
is a lovely tribute to an unnamed special lady at the time of her death.

MacDonald’s vivid songwriting allows him to take the listener back with  him to a simpler time in a small town – back to the wilderness.

This debut EP is an excellent beginning to MacDonald’s recording  career. With four songs spanning less than 15 minutes, it is a beginning that will leave you wanting more from Morgan MacDonald.

Track Listing
1. The Fences
2. More Than Just The Stars
3. Blood Will Rust
4. Back To  The Wilderness

Morgan MacDonald plays the Bus Stop Theatre on January 26th as part of Halifax’s In The Dead of Winter Musicp Festival.

To find out more about Morgan MacDonald, visit
Morgan MacDonald website
Morgan MacDonald on Bandcamp
Morgan MacDonald on Twitter
Morgan MacDonald on Facebook


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