Mr. D Student, Jimmy (Liam Cyr) front man for Halifax Band Clockwork

You may know Liam Cyr as Jimmy DeGrazia, one of the students on CBC’s hilarious comedy Mr. D with Gerry Dee (“get out, Jimmy”), but did you know he is also an accomplished musician?

Liam plays guitar and is the vocalist for the Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia band Clockwork.

Clockwork also features Liam’s brother, Aidan Cyr on drums and Joey Jesso on bass and backing vocals. Clockwork has released one EP, Fugue (2012).

ClockworkClockwork has been described by Supernova as “a band…that has a calm cool alternative rock sound fused with soulful lyrics that give the music a really likable personality….Clockwork brings legitimate music cred, and has been a huge hit on their local scene.”
Read the full Supernova review/article here

Clockwork will soon be heading to L.A to record their next album. You can find out more about Clockwork at:
Clockwork’s website
Clockwork’s You Tube Channel
Clockwork on Twitter
Clockwork on Facebook

Download “Lay It Down” for free and listen to “Rings of Saturn” HERE

Here is their video for “Lay It Down”


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