Halifax Music Fans Honoured with 3 “Special Evenings with Ben Caplan” at The Company House

Since Ben Caplan’s appearance on Q with Jian Ghomeshi, Canadians across the Country have learned what Nova Scotian’s have known for a long time – Ben Caplan is gold.

Caplan was voted Entertainer of the Year at the 2012 Nova Scotia Music Awards and his debut album In The Time of Great Remembering has been nominated for two 2013 East Coast Music Awards in the Folk Recording of the Year and the Rising Star Recording of the Year categories.

Caplan is unlike anyone in the music industry today.  He is the type of artist that comes around once in a generation.  He has the voice, the hair, the beard, the gentle persona. One listen to Caplan’s album and you are hooked.

Caplan is also an artist that one needs to experience live; and if you are fortunate enough to see him play a small/intimate venue, then you will be one of the lucky ones.

Music fans in Halifax have the honour of three special evenings with Ben Caplan at a very intimate venue from January 31 – February 2.  These three sold-out shows at The Company House are bound to create memorable moments for many music fans.  Memorable moments that will allow those in attendance to start a story in 10 years time with the statement “Remember that night when we saw Ben Caplan at The Company House…” It was gold.

Here is Caplan’s performance of “Down To The River” in Studio Q with Jian Ghomeshi


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