Lead Mule CD Review – Yarmouth Unleashes A New Rock Band

(Photo: from Pigeon Row website)

In 2003, a band featuring Yarmouth natives Paul Murphy and Tim D’Eon released their first album.  That band, Wintersleep, just received six East Coast Music Award nominations. Ten years later, there is a new Yarmouth-area band for rock music fans to get excited over.   That band, Lead Mule,  released their self-titled debut EP on January 22nd.

Lead Mule is a flat out rock band.   Named after a popular music venue that burnt to the ground, Lead Mule features Mat Bridgeo (Vocals/Guitar),  Marc Durkee (Bass/Vocals),  Travis Darby (Drums) and  Sandy Ackles (Guitar/Vocals). Bridgeo, a veteran of the Yarmouth music scene,  even played with some of the members of Wintersleep.

(Photo: from Pigeon Row website)

There are five songs on this debut EP. From the beginning of the opening track “Spilt Milk”, it is evident that Lead Mule is a fun-time, rock band – the type of band that would put on an electrifying live performance. The bass and drumming to start “Spilt Milk” set the pace for the remainder of the album.

The lead single, “3rd Degree” is a catchy tune.  With a great bass line, strong drumming, guitar solo and vocals, the song displays all of the bands individual talents.  The song also has a chorus that allows the listener to sing along.

“Out West’, a song about a father having to leave home for work (“kiss the wife, say goodbye, give the kids a hug. Dad’s got a plane to catch”), will ring true for anyone who has had to relocate or travel for employment.  The last song on the album “Absence” looks at a failed relationship and the difficulty of moving on: “Want to bury you now, but your body’s in town.  Too much time is now passed, time to spread out the ash”.

My favourite song on this album is the second track: “Sunporch”.   Like Slowcoaster’s “Flip Flops” last year, “Sunporch” should become this years song for the summer.  It is a catchy uptempo number that immedialty puts the listener in summer mode.  The change in vocal register during the song also makes it a fun song to (try) to sing along to.

Overall, this is a very solid debut release from a fun rock band.  If you like rock music, give this EP a listen.  It is a good sampler of things to come from Lead Mule.  I look forward to seeing them perform live; and sharing a cold beverage to their music on the beach this summer.

Track Listing
1. Spilt Milk
2. Sunporch
3. 3rd Degree
4. Out West
5. Absence

Here is a video for Lead Mule’s lead single “3rd Degree” recorded by Yarmouth Bands (Lynn Hemeon) at the 2013 New Years’s Levee:

For more on Lead Mule visit:
Lead Mule website
Bandcamp – Buy the EP for $5; download “3rd Degree” for free
Lead Mule on Twitter
Lead Mule on Facebook
Lead Mule videos on Yarmouth Bands You Tube page


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