Ben Caplan Storms The Company House for the 1st of 3 Sold Out Shows

January 31st marked the first of three sold-out shows at The Company House for Ben Caplan, who stormed through his set to the delight of the audience.

The Company House provides a great atmosphere to see live music.  It is like being at a close friends house with a large group of people.  Some of these people you know, some you don’t know; but everyone is friendly and respectful of each other.

So how was the opening night?

Picture being at your friend’s house for a party.  There is a large group of people.   Then, your most talented friend picks up a guitar.  He sits in the corner and starts to play.

With me so far?  You’ve been in that situation, right? Good.

Your friend is dynamic!  He captures the room!  Everyone else at the party stops what they are doing and pays attention to the guy playing the guitar and singing.

I know you’ve had that experience so take a moment to remember it.  Picture it in your mind.

Go ahead (I’ll wait)…


Remember how awesome it was.

Now picture your friend looking like Ben Caplan.

I’ll help you…


Ben Caplan

Now picture your friend singing in Ben Caplan’s voice.

Now picture your friend singing Ben Caplan’s songs.

And sometimes he goes over to the piano…just to mix it up a bit.

And, there it is.   A show at The Company House with Ben Caplan.

For those who have tickets for Friday and Saturday, you are in for a great time. Enjoy.

I’ll be there Saturday…at your friends house…enjoying that talented musician playing in the corner.  Make sure to say “Hi”.

Opening for Ben Caplan at The Company House:

January 31 – Carmen Townsend
February 1 – Taryn Kawaja
February 2 – Paper Beat Scissors


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