The Prospectors’ Union – Halifax Super-Group from 2005 – 2009

Every now and again, I will stumble across something that makes me feel like I was living under a rock.   Today was one of those days.

I like to think I know a lot about East Coast music, but there was a period of about 6 years (between about 2005 – 2011) when I was away from the local music scene and (it turns out) missed a lot.

While looking through Richard Lann’s remarkable music photos, I saw this one from 2008:

“Wait! That’s Christina Martin!” I said to myself. “and there’s John Mullane”. Who is this The Prospectors’ Union and how come I have never heard of them.

An internet search brought up their myspace page with three songs.  There were also more photos:

“…and that’s Daniel Ledwell”, I thought

Delving a little deeper into the internet, I found a couple of old articles, but nothing that shed any real light on “who were The Prospectors’ Union” – what brought them together and why did they disband?

I did find their bandcamp page where you can download 3 of their ep’s for free.  The ep’s are:

1. The Arctic Sessions –  produced by John Mullane and released in January 2005

Recorded live off the floor in a subzero practice space, The Arctic Sessions features Matt Charlton on vocals and guitar, John Mullane on Drums, Daniel Ledwell on bass, Christina Martin on vocals, and Jason Vautour on lead guitar.”

2. Old Wonders – produced by Daniel Ledwell and released in December 2009

Surrounded by a decent spread of snick-snacks, Old Wonders was recorded live off the floor in an afternoon.”

3. Syracuse – released in October 2009

Recorded while surrounded by no less than 4 and no more than 8 cats at any given time, Syracuse features a large cast of amazing musicians. Matt Charlton and Jason MacIsaac spent the better part of a year picking away at this fellow.”

So that’s what I could find out about this Halifax super-group featuring members who would go on to play (or produce) some of my favourite music.

I would love to know more about The Prospectors’ Union.  Please share whatever information you may have.

(Update – Since this original post, I was informed that Herohill did a great piece about The Prospectors’ Union in 2009.  Thank you to The Broken Speaker.)

In the meantime, here is a video I found on You Tube:


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