Concert Review: Sunny Chances at Cempoal

If you have read previous posts on this blog, you know that I love attending shows in small venues and being amazed by the remarkable musical talent Halifax has to offer.  Friday night was another one of those nights.

Sunny Chances twitter photo

Sunny Chances twitter photo

Before heading off to see Jay Smith at Rock Bottom Brew Pub, I stopped by the Cempoal cafe on Agricola Street to catch Sunny Chances, who was opening for The Darlingtens.   I had never heard Sunny Chances play before, but I enjoy his on-line Twitter presence, so I took a chance (pun intended) and dropped into Cempoal.

Sunny Chances played about 10 songs.  My very first thought as I heard him sing was “he has a great singing voice”.   As he continued through his set, I could easily picture him on a big stage, surrounded by a full band, playing to a large audience.

My favourite songs Sunny Chances played were “Your Father”, ”Everything You Fought For” and “How It’s Meant To Be”.  My only negative comment is that the set was too short.  I would have loved to stay to listen a little longer.  No doubt, I will be attending more Sunny Chances shows in the future.

You can hear and download Sunny Chances music at his Bandcamp site, or his Pure Volume pageYou can also follow Sunny Chances on Twitter

A few months ago, the talented folks from Heavy Weather filmed Sunny Chances singing “How It’s Meant To Be”.  Take a look:


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