East Coast Music Week (Sunday) – Songwriter’s Circle (Guest Post by Dorena Gillis)

We attended the ECMA Songwriters’ Circle on Sunday afternoon, courtesy of Martin. It was a fabulous afternoon of music, stories and humour.

Lennie Gallant sang a hockey song, after telling us how he had spoken to a hockey player who, as a child, flooded their backyard pond by kicking out a few logs from a nearby beaver dam. As Lennie commented, “how iconically Canadian: playing hockey in the backyard on a pond flooded by beavers”.

Peter\'s Dream by @lenniegallant backed up by @IrishMythen @dave_gunning @ian_sherwood - amazing! #ECMW25 @EastCoastMusic

Lennie Gallant, Irish Mythen, Dave Gunning, Ian Sherwood
(photo by S Woodford)

Irish Mythen told a moving story about a man she met who had recently lost his wife of 55 years and about whom she had written a song, appropriately entitled “55 Years”.

Ian Sherwood … hmmmm, he was interesting and extremely entertaining, but very hard to describe. Let’s just say he was energetic. As Lennie commented after Ian’s first song, “the custom is for each of us to sing one song; not 15.”

Dave Gunning told us about his grandfather working for the Canadian National Railway, shovelling coal to fuel the engine. At that time, many of the poor living along the tracks would collect coal which had fallen from the train in order to heat their homes. Dave’s grandfather and his cohorts would, very charitably, shovel coal off the train when they were passing through these poor areas. The song was called (of course) “Shovelling Coal”.

Incredible Songwriter\'s Circle @KimStockwood  @mylesdavid @timchaisson @JPCormierMusic #ECMW25 @EastCoastMusic

Kim Stockwood, David Myles, Tim Chaisson, JP Cormier
(photo by S Woodford)

The second half of the show had a full representation of the Atlantic Provinces, starring Kim Stockwood (NL), David Myles (NB), Tim Chaisson (PEI) and JP Cormier (NS).

The repartee was rather sexually charged, so it’s just as well that Martin wasn’t able to go with one of his kids. He would have been left having to answer some rather awkward questions. However, the adults present very much appreciated the humour and laughed through most of the show.

Oh, and the music was pretty good, too. : )


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