The Now Case: A Three-Night Showcase of Great Halifax Musicians Coinciding with East Coast Music Week

The Now Case

We all know that East Coast Music Week is March 6-10 in Halifax.  There will be shows throughout the city.  For a complete schedule check out the East Coast Music Week schedule.

Coinciding with ECMW is The Now Case:  featuring “15 of Halifax’s most innovative and awesome indie folk, pop and rock artists every hour on the hour March 7-9 from 8pm to 1am”.  Many of the acts feature prominently in the local music scene, including Daniel Ledwell (who should win an ECMA for Producer of the Year and whose solo album Two Over Seven is one of my all time favourites) .

The venue is One Block Barbershop (2010 Gottingen Street, across from Propeller Brewery). Tickets are $10 at the door (cash only).

The Line-Up

Thursday, March 7
12 – Daniel Ledwell
11 – Tanya Davis
10 – Grassmarket
9 – Cactus Flower
8 – Don Brownrigg

Friday, March 8
12 – Matthew Hornell
11 – Laura Peek
10 – Dark for Dark
9 – Stewart Legere
8 – Kim Harris

Saturday, March 9
12 – Jon McKiel
11 – Heavy Meadows
10 – Quiet Parade
9 – Erin Costelo
8 – Dance Movie

Check out the videos below for a taste of what you can expect:


Daniel Ledwell

Stewart Legere

Dance Movie featuring Don Brownrigg

Erin Costelo

Dark For Dark

Tanya Davis


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