Mixing Curing & Music with the OZCAN Curling Cup

Here’s a fun way to kick off East Coast Music Week – with a combination of music and curling at the OZCAN Curling Cup.

What’s better – It’s open to the general public. Admission is free (NB – donations will be taken for Canadian Cancer Society, NS Division) and their will be live music with some fabulous musicians later in the evening at The Carleton.


First The Curling (2:00 at The Mayflower Curling Club – 3000 Monaghan Dr., Halifax)

 Team Australia – Geoff Trio, Josh Daly, Chloe Goodyear, Diesel, Cole & Van Dijk, Stephen Cooke 


Team Canada – Colleen Jones, Charlie A’Court, Dave Gunning, Tim Chaisson, Andy Brown, Kim Wempe, Bobby Mac, Mike Campbell

Then The Music (8:00 at The Carleton Music Bar & Grill, Argyle Street)

The OZCAN CUP trophy will be presented later that evening, at The Carleton, during the “The OZCAN Spotlight” showcase featuring live performances by Australia’s Diesel and Cole & Van Dijk, and  2013 ECMA nominees Charlie A’Court, Dave Gunning and Tim Chaisson.  

This is a must-see event.  If you have read my blog, or followed me on Twitter, you will know my affinity for Charlie A’Court, Dave Gunning and Tim Chaisson and for the Carleton as a music venue.  I don’t know Diesel or Cole & Van Dijk, but have added videos below of all performers for you enjoyment.

 Admission is free. Seating is limited, so get there early! 


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