East Coast Music Week – Wednesday (March 6): Carmel Mikol & Kim Wempe at London Loft

Kim Wempe & Carmel Mikol
(photo by Acoustic Roof)

East Coast Music Week got underway today with a number of events (both official and unofficial).  My plan was to start attending events tomorrow, but as is usually the case, my love of east coast music got the better of me.  I knew Carmel Mikol and Kim Wempe were playing a pop-up show today…but I didn’t know where or when.  I was going to try to find out, but thought “no, wait until tomorrow”.  All was well until lunchtime.

Checking twitter on my way to lunch, I saw a tweet (from @acousticroof) that read “Carmel Mikol and Kim Wempe at London Loft right now!”  And that was it.  East Coast Music Week for me had begun.  I headed on over to London Loft and was treated to some fabulous music from two beautiful voices.

I love Kim Wempe’s Painting With Tides CD and am anxiously awaiting her upcoming release, Coalition, but I had never seen her play live.  This was my chance.

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Kim Wempe
(photo by Acoustic Roof)

I had seen Carmel play once before – at a songwriter’s circle in New Glasgow (at the Riverfront Jubilee).  She was terrific.  My wife immediately bought her In My Bones CD.  This and Carmel’s 2nd CD, Creature, are wonderful.  She is truly a gifted songwriter.

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Carmel Mikol
(photo by Acoustic Roof)

These wonderful singers complement each other beautifully.  Although there was a small crowd, those of us fortunate enough to be there were treated to some wonderful music. 

Carmel and Kim are both playing other this week.  If you have a chance check out one of their shows (listed below):

Carmel Mikol at ECMW

What: ECMA Roots Room Showcase ft. Colin Grant & Darren McMullen When: Thursday March 7th @ 10:10pm-10:30pm Where: Casino Nova Scotia, Schooner Room Get your tickets here: http://www.ecma.com/ecmw/tickets

What: ECMA Two for the Show Buyers Showcase When: Friday March 8th @ 10:36am-10:44am Where: Delta Halifax (Private Buyers Showcase)

What: Songwriters Circle w/ Keith Mullins & Jason MacDonald  When: Saturday March 9th @ 5:15pm-6:45pm Where: Rockbottom Brewery on Spring Garden Rd

Kim Wempe at ECMW

March 8th – Tempo Restaurant (Delta Barrington): Soul Food Kitchen Party w/ Full Band

March 9th – Compass Room (Casino Nova Scotia): Bluebird North Songcircle


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