Jimmy Rankin – Going Strong after 25 Years and Still Gaining New Fans

Jimmy Rankin has been performing, either with his family or as a solo artist, for about 25 years.  The Rankin Family released their first album (on cassette) in 1989 and their song “Fare Thee Well Love” was just voted as the top East Coast song of all time (yes, that’s “off all time”).  Combined, Jimmy & The Rankin Family have released over 10 albums, including Jimmy’s most recent releases 2011’s Forget About The World and  his 2012 Christmas album Tinsel Town.  

The Rankin Family, 1989

Jimmy Ranking is a legend of the East Coast music scene.  Everyone knows him right?…or do they?

Today I had this interesting exchange with a work colleague who recently saw Jimmy perform with the Tenors at the Halifax Metro Centre.  To be fair this colleague, who is well versed in music and is a bass player himself,  is from the west coast of Canada and has only lived in Nova Scotia for about 5 years.  Anyway, last week he provided a glowing report of  the concert given by , in his words: “…you know…  the guy from that famous music family from Inverness County”.  We let him struggle with the name before helping him out.

So today, I told him that The Rankin Family song, “Fare Thee Well Love”, was voted the top East Coast Song of all time, which led to the following exchange (not verbatim):

Him: Jimmy Rankin was really good in concert.  He is second generation in that family, right?

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Well, he wasn’t in that band?

Me:  Yes.  It was Jimmy, John Morris, and their three sisters, Raylene, Cookie and Heather (Note: that is how I remember The RankinFamily)

Him: How old is he?

Me:  I’m not sure, but probably close to 50.

Him: He looks like he is in his early 20’s.

And, you know, after looking at some recent pictures of Jimmy, he just might be right.

  • Forget About The World CD

    Forget About the World, 2011

So, here’s to the never-aging Jimmy Rankin.  A man who after 25 years in the music business and winning countless awards is still gaining new fans.  

 Here is the video for the song voted as the top East Coast song of all time:



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