Jenny MacDonald To Release New Album Soon – You Can Help

Nova Scotia’s Jenny MacDonald is getting ready to record her third album and you can help make it happen. There are less than 2 weeks left in her indiegogo campaign, which allows you to contribute and receive anything from a signed advanced copy of her album ($25) to a private house concert ($400) or a VIP package ($500). 


photo from Jenny MacDonald indigogo campaign page

I am a strong supporter of crowd funding campaigns.  They both benefit the artist and allow the fans/supporters to do (or receive) something that otherwise would not be possible.  I think the staples (i.e. signed copy of CD/album) are necessary, but I also enjoy seeing something unique or different.   My very favourite unique perk was a song written (by a great local band) for my parents as a Christmas gift.  A one-of-a-kind memorable item. My three favorite perks offered by Jenny MacDonald are original Art ($35), write a song with Jenny (all of which sold out quickly) and a day in the studio ($95).  These are all unique items that Jenny’s fans could not get anywhere else. 

Here is a video she has recorded for her indigogo campaign.  The song “All The Other Girls” will be on her upcoming album:

Jenny also has a new website and later this month will tour the Maritimes with Jeffery Straker.

Jeffery Poster


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