Molly Thomason performs a Lunchtime Concert at East Coast Music Week (Thursday)

There were a number of pop up concerts during East Coast Music Week including one on Thursday at lunchtime by Molly ThomasonThis one-hour show took place at Scotia Square and was organized by CBC.


Molly Thomason

Molly is a fantastic young singer/songwriter with 2 albums under her belt: Through The Static (2009) and Beauty Queen (2011).  A third album is set to be released in the near future.  Molly has also recorded a beautiful duet of “Never Felt A Thing” with Carleton Stone

Molly currently resides in Toronto but returns to Nova Scotia as often as possible.  I have had the good fortune of seeing her play numerous times and she is always impressive.  She is one of the core group of young Nova Scotia artists that leave no doubt that the future of music in this province is in good hands.

Here is her performance of a new song “Audrey Mae”

Just for fun, here is a 2010 video of Molly and Carleton performing “Never Felt A Thing:


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