Song for the Day (March 19, 2013): Erin Costelo – Oh Me Oh My

Erin Costelo released her most recent album titled We Can Get Over in 2012 to critical acclaim.  The album has been called “…one of the best albums of the year” by The Gauntlet; and “…one of the year’s essential listens”  by Grayowl Point.   Stewart Legere, has commented that “When Erin Costelo opens her mouth to sing every molecule in the room stops moving.”  I  have to agree. 

Erin Costelo is one of the few artists that stop me in my tracks when one of  her songs play on my iPod.  On more than one occasion I have literally stopped walking when the opening words of “Oh Me Oh My” came streaming through my headphones and stayed in that same spot until the song ends. 

I have often thought of Erin Costelo as the Aretha Franklin of East Coast music.  She is truly amazing.

Here is “Oh Me Oh My”. You can also download the song for free at Erin Costelo’s website.

Find more Erin Costelo at:
Erin Costelo’s Website
Erin Costelo on Facebook
 Erin Costelo on YouTube
Erin Costelo on Twitter


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