Song for the Day (March 24, 2013): Sharona Clarke – My Heart, For Free

Sharona Clarke is a talented singer, songwriter and piano player from St. John’s, Newfoundland. She has released three albums: On The Right Track (2008), The Secret…is to Dream (2009) and  Revealed (live) (2010). Very few artists make music as relaxing as what you will hear on these albums.  This is music suitable for a long drive, a day of rest, or a dinner party,

Simply put, Sharona Clarke makes beautiful music.

Here is the song “My Heart, For Free”, from The Secret…is to Dream

To find out more about Sharona Clarke visit:

Sharona Clarke website
Sharona Clarke Facebook page
Sharona Clarke on Twitter
Sharona Clarke on You Tube
PianoBea wPublishing

Sharona Clarke would like you to hear her music and is offering both The Secret…is to Dream (2009) and Revealed (live) (2010) for free.  Click on the album’s below to access your free download. 

The Secret... is to Dream cover art

The Secret…is to Dream (2009)

Revealed (live)









You can also purchase On The Right Track.  Click the album to access the link.

On the Right Track cover art

On The Right Track


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