Video for the Day (March 30, 2013): Rae Corcoran – Model Homes (In-Flight Safety cover)

(photo from Rae Corcoran Facebook page)

Rae Corcoran is a  singer / songwriter from Kingston, Ontario.  She has a popular You Tube channel (Hustlerae) where she posts a number of cover  songs as well as some originals. 

My introduction to Rae Corcoran was through Sea Legs Collective, who featured Corcoran’s original song “Little Dove” as their March 22nd “Song of the Day“.

In the past year I have learned to trust the musical advice of the people behind Sea Legs (Jen Ochej and Georgia Richards).  After going to Corcoran’s You Tube channel, and watching a number of videos, my trust in their opinion was again confirmed.

Corcoran has a beautiful voice and has covered some great songs, including one of my all-time favourites “Model Homes” by In-Flight Safety.

To find out more about Rae Corcoran visit

Rae Corcoran on You Tube
Rae Corcoran Facebook page
Rae Corcoran on Twitter
Rae Corcoran on Soundcloud     


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