Video for the Day (April 3, 2013): Like A Motorcycle – Slipping Away

Kim Carson, Jillian Comeau,Michelle Skelding

(photo by Kt Lmnd from Like A Motorcycle Facebook page)

Like A Motorcycle is a three-piece disco punk band from Halifax consisting of Jillian Comeau (Guitar/Vocals), Michelle Skelding (Drums/Vocals) and Kim Carson (Bass/Vocals). 

The band formed in January of 2011 and released a 6-song EP titled Dress Decent in September of that year.  At the Halifax Pop Explosion, in October of 2012, Like A Motorcycle released a single “Under The Gun”.  Last month they released another single “Slipping Away” and recorded their first music video. 

Sometimes it is hard to put your finger on the particular reason why you like a band and for me Like A Motorcycle is one of those bands.  Yes, there is the solid tight sound.  Yes, there is the pounding, yet melodic, bass and drums.  Yes, there is the screaming guitar.  Yes, there is good singing and harmonizing.  But there is something more.  Like A Motorcycle has the “IT” quality that people often talk about, but can’t describe.  The more I listen, the more I am drawn to the band.

You can check out the video for “Slipping Away” below and then download the song for free.  You can also download “Under The Gun” for only $0.99 and the Dress Decent EP for just $3.  Just think, you could have the complete Like A Motorcycle collection for under $4. 

To find out more about Like A Motorcycle visit:
Like A Motorcycle Facebook page
Like A Motorcycle on Bandcamp
Like A Motorcycle on Twitter
Like A Motorcycle on You Tube
Like A Motorcycle on Sonicbids


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