Paper Beat Scissors Releases new 7″ vinyl & Live At St. Matthew’s Church (7-song digital EP)

Tim Crabtree (Paper Beat Scissors)
Photo: Nick Wilkinson

In my recent review of a Paper Beat Scissors and Ben Caplan show in Halifax, I said:

“Paper Beat Scissors is a unique and special artist. Sounding unlike anything else on today’s music scene, Paper Beat Scissors is the type of act that comes along once in a generation. A band that you, as a music fan, need to experience.”

Well, you can imagine how excited I was to hear that Paper Beat Scissors has a special release planned for Record Store Day (April 20th).  Music fans will be treated to a live 7′ vinyl (Tendrils & Onwards) to go along with Live At St. Matthew’s Church (a 7-song digital EP).


How did this come about? 

Here is the press release information:

This past summer, Paper Beat Scissors performed with NY-based contemporary classical group Clogs, sometime-members of, and regular collaborators with the National. This pairing led to an onstage collaboration recorded live at the beautiful St. Matthew’s Church during the Halifax Jazz Festival and is now available on 7″ vinyl.

A-side Tendrils, a haunting contemplation on what lies just below the surface, finds new life with the added instrumentation of oboe, violin, steel drum and guitar, and features support vocals by My Brightest Diamond. B-side, Onwards is a previously unreleased song performed with a chamber ensemble of Gina Burgess (violin), Devin Wesley (oboe) and Anna Plaskett (french horn). Building on the success of the critically-acclaimed self-titled album, Tim Crabtree sounds as unique and focused as ever in these new sound environments.

The songs on Live At St. Matthew’s Church are:

1. Be Patient
2. Rest Your Bones
3. In A Moment
4. Onwards
5. Season’s Rest
6. Tendrils
7. Wren

I  had the privilege of listening to this new EP (prior to its official release) and am happy to say that this live recording fully captures the enchanting and haunting feel of a Paper Beat Scissors live show.  Most of the songs will be familiar to fans, with five of the seven songs having been previously released.  The two new songs on this live release are “In A Moment” and “Onwards”.  I strongly recommend adding this EP to your music collection; and for vinyl lovers (like me), remember to head out on Saturday to pick up your limited copy of the 7′ single.

For more information visit Paper Beat Scissors website

Watch the video for Tendrils (Live at St. Matthew’s Church)


Paper Beat Scissors will be touring throughout Europe in support of this release

European Tour Dates
May 8: York, UK – City Screen Basement Bar
May 12: Bristol, UK – the Canteen
May 13: London, UK – the Slaughtered Lamb
May 14: Paris, FR – le Pop In
 May 15: Paris, FR – Galerie Goutte de Terre
 May 16: Liege, BE – l’Aquilone
 May 17: Dusseldorf, DE – Brause
 May 19: Munich, DE – Theatron Pfingstfestival
 May 20: Graz, AU – Scherbe
 May 21: Innsbruck, AU – Die Baeckerei
 May 23: Prague, CZ – Dejvická Klubovna
 May 24: Berlin, DE – Cafe Myxa
 May 25: Eppstein, DE – Burg Eppstein Folk Festival
 May 26: Koln, DE – Lichtung
May 28: Braunschweig, DE – Nexus
May 29: Weimar, DE – House show
 May 30: Mainz, DE – Haus Mainusch
 May 31: Mannheim, DE – Maifeld Derby Festival


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