CD Review: Dan Doiron – From Deep Inside

Dan Doiron is an excellent guitarist.  His latest release, From Deep Inside, draws to mind the guitar playing of David Gilmour, Eric Clapton and Glenn Frey.  From the opening riff of “At The Hard Knocks Cafe”, the first song on the new album, you know you are in for one hell of a musical ride.  With a band consisting of Mike Carroll (Drums), Keith Doiron (Bass) and the amazing Kim Dunn (Organ), Doiron leads you through this musical ride masterfully.

Doiron started his first band in Port Hood, Cape Breton at the age of 13.  Since those early days, when he would travel everywhere with a guitar strapped to his back, Doiron has completed a music degree from Dalhousie University and has become an established musician, music educator, guitar clinician and recording engineer.  In 2011, Doiron released his debut album, Even My Guitar is in Love With You, which was nominated for both a Music Nova Scotia Award and East Coast Music Award for 2012 Blues album of the year.

From Deep Inside starts with a couple of songs that showcase Doiron’s exceptional up-tempo guitar playing (“At The Hard Knocks Cafe” and “From Deep Inside”).  “What I Did Then” and “Still” are other songs on the album in that vein. These songs also allow the bands’ playing to shine.

“Let’s Get Into It”, took me (wonderfully) back to 1980’s Glenn Frey; and “”What Did You Expect” called to mind some early Eric Clapton solo material.

Even though I enjoyed the up-tempo songs, my favourite moments listening to From Deep Inside came when Doiron slowed things down a little.  Songs like “Too Good To Me”, “Misunderstood”,  “Am I Blue Enough” and my favourite song on the album “Last Chapter” allowed me to close my eyes, sit back, and feel the music.  If you have ever listened to David Gilmour’s solo recordings (especially his 1978 self-titled album), you will know what I am talking about.   The guitar playing on these songs take the listener to another place.  It is a magical experience.

Track Listing
1. At The Hard Knocks Cafe
2. From Deep Inside
3. Let’s Get Into It
4. Too Good To Me
5. What I Did Then
6. Still
7. What Did You Expect
8. Misunderstood
9. Am I Blue Enough
10. Last Chapter

Doiron, and his band, are celebrating the release of From Deep Inside with two CD Release Party’s in Nova Scotia this week.  On Thursday, May 9th they will be performing at Bearly’s House of Blues in Halifax at 8:00 pm.  On Friday May 10th they perform at the Marigold Centre in Truro at 7:30 pm.  If you want to hear some guitar mastery, you should head out to one of these shows.


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