Open City This Saturday: Free Concert from 11:00 – 3:00 at Bishop’s Landing Featuring Acres and Acres

Acres and Acres will be the feature talent performing at this year’s Open City.

Open City is an event that supports local efforts by bringing business owners, musicians, culinary professionals and artists together to showcase the strength of the local markets. The show is set to take place at the fountain in the Bishop’s Landing Piazza from 11AM to 3PM on May 11th, 2013.

Acres and Acres have a support and buy local mentality personally, seeing the importance of supporting local business and the local economy.

The band have always been supporters of local communities.“Our music seems to really connect with small towns, outdoor festivals, theatres and any shows where the community is heavily involved which also happens in big cities with small communities,” Acres and Acres founder Kris Pope says. “We also seem to be drawn to environmentally themed-festivals like Earth Hour, Sustainability Festivals and the Peterborough Folk Fest, which features a solar-powered stage. This is what I love about what we do.” Pope says. The band continue to embrace environmentally and buy local events, having been featured at events like World Wildlife Federation Earth Hour and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust Gala. The show is a free event and everybody is welcome to come support local musicians and local business.

Acres and Acres are coming off a successful CD release tour for their album Truth and sky and have a busy Spring/Summer ahead. You can catch them May 24th at the Seahorse Tavern for the Caravan’s CD release, May 25th at the Chester Playhouse W/Lucas Reeves, June 8th at the Ham Jam Festival in Belleisle Bay in Kars, New Brunswick!


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