Song for the Day (May 17, 2013): Jont – Lucky Leaf Falls

photo by walter briski (from Facebook)

Jont is a singer-songwriter from England who moved to Nova Scotia in 2012 following a life-changing journey around the world and an even bigger discovery in Halifax.  Jont’s biographary is a fascinating read.  I encourage you to take a look.

Jont released his 6th album Hello Halifax on May 14th.   Jont is sharing this album digitally for free and if it resonates with you, donate what you can.

My introduction to Jont’s music was on Monday morning, when I first played Hello Halifax in preparation for a CD review.   My immediate reaction was Wow!  Hello Halifax has been on constant play since.  On Wednesday, I attended a house concert performance by Jont and Kim HarrisNeedless to say, this concert was exquisite.

On Thursday, Jont recorded a video for “Lucky Leaf Falls” with Analog Songs.  Keep an eye out for it in the near future.  In the meantime take a listen to the song.  It features the beautiful voice of Jennah Barry.

My review of this album is forthcoming, but Bob Mersereau’s review of Hello Halifax is available to read now.  Take a look.

To find out more about Jont visit

Jont Website
Jont’s You Tube Channel
Jont on Twitter
Jont on Facebook


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