CD Review: Jont – Hello Halifax


“May these billion cells of true peace and true happiness blossom in your heart forever”
– Jont

With Hello Halifax, Jont takes the listener on a spiritual and emotional journey.  Through finely crafted lyrics and exquisite musical compositions, this English poet guides those fortunate enough to take the time to really listen, to a place of “true peace and true happiness”. 

Hello Halifax is my choice as the best album of 2013 so far.

Jont is a singer-songwriter from England who moved to Nova Scotia in 2012 following a life-changing journey around the world and an even bigger discovery in Halifax – the discovery of an 8-year-old daughter. Jont’s biography is a fascinating read; telling the story of a baby living outside New York; a child living in London;  meeting Princess Dianna; leaving school to become a professional cricketer; travelling  across the United States and interviewing 23 American poets; having dinner with Allen Ginsberg in his Lower East Side apartment; writing songs; and organizing an underground travelling house-party gig.  I encourage you to take a look.


photo by walter briski

Jont is no stranger to musical success.  His music has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, Parenthood and Without A Trace.  His song “Sweetheart”, from his third album, Supernatural, was used in the closing credits to the movie Wedding Crashers.  His album One Long Song received 4 stars in Q (the popular music magazine in the United Kingdom).  

Two years ago, Jont set off to be a troubadour (just him and his guitar) and travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles, France, Italy, Germany and back to the UK. Jont says that “on the way I discovered meditation. And then, amazingly, my daughter.”   Now living in Halifax, and “within the intense and magical context of meeting [his] daughter for the first time”, Jont recorded his sixth album, Hello Halifax.

Hello Halifax begins with the song “Church On Sunday” and the lyrics “Oh The Gods, Oh the Gods have blessed me, yeah they have”.  This intoxicating song about love, beauty and acceptance sets the stage for the remainder of the album.  It is a song that immediately relaxes the listener, bringing a sense of peace and calm.  This sense of peace and calm continues through the whole album.  By the time Jont sings the chorus of  my favourite song on the album,”Lucky Leaf Falls” (“We got each other, sister and brother, don’t need no other love to ease my soul”), the listener is fully immersed in Jont’s spiritual and emotional journey.

“Hurt To Love” is perhaps the most moving (heart-wrenching) song on this album.  It tells the story of trying to help someone mired in a state of depression.  One cannot listen to Jont’s plea -“don’t waste all of your tears crying in bed alone” – without feeling his pain and wish to help. “Teardrops & Pennies”, a song of love, is destined to be the album’s single.  Other great songs on this album are “Holdin A Real Hand”; “Forcefield” and “Same Record Again”.


photo by walter briski

Although defined as a singer-songwriter, to me Jont is a poet who has put his words to music.  The real beauty of Hello Halifax is its simplicity.  Hello Halifax features some amazing musicians (Kev Corbett, Danny Keane, Ryan Veltmeyer; and Andy Waterworth) along with vocals from Eska and Jennah Barry (who also plays keys on the album).  Jennah’s angelic voice combines with Jont’s on many of the songs on Hello Halifax and is pure magic.

I strongly recommend giving Hello Halifax a listen and allowing Jont to take you on this journey.

Track Listing
1. Church On Sunday
2. The Best Things
3. Lucky Leaf Falls
4. Hurt To Love
5. Teardrops & Pennies
6. Holdin A Real Hand
7. Two Days In
8. Failed Again
9. Forcefield
10. The Song That You Love
11. Same Record Again

To find out more about Jont visit

Jont Website
Jont’s You Tube Channel

Jont on Twitter

Jont on Facebook


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