CD Review: Scientists of Sound – Electric Scissors


Sometimes music finds you in the strangest of ways.  Take Scientists of Sound for instance.

One day, while on Twitter, I noticed a Halifax, Nova Scotia band that I was unfamiliar with – Scientists of Sound.  Their Twitter bio reads:

“Canadian electronic mayhem duo, born of rock ‘n roll. A punch to the back of the head. New record Electric Scissors out June 21!”

Thinking that this looks interesting, I click on their website bio and read that “Scientists of Sound are producers Colin Crowell (keyboards, bass, trumpet) and Craig Mercer (guitar, keys, drums, vocals)”.  Now, I’m thinking to myself…is that THE Craig Mercer from PF Station and The Jimmy Swift Band?  Sure enough…it is.    

I can remember when PF Station’s Ooh Yeah was released and still pay it on a regular basis.  In addition, I have always considered The Jimmy Swift Band/PF Station to be one of the most progressive/creative bands in Atlantic Canada, so I was pretty excited to give Electric Scissors a listen. I was not disappointed. 

Who Are The Scientists of Sound?

Scientists of Sound

Scientists of Sound are an electro tech-house duo from Halifax, Nova Scotia.   Scientists of Sound consists of Criag Mercer (Fly Jimmy Swift) and Colin Crowell (Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees).  Prior to Electric Scissors, they released one EP, titled Wealth and Hellness (2011).

Since forming in 2010,Scientists of Sound have established themselves at the forefront of a burgeoning East Coast electronic music scene, headlining festivals and club shows across the country.  Described as ‘live looping dance madness,’ they take to the stage wearing lab coats and masks, manipulating complex loops of sound over heavy dance beats, to deliver a truly unique electronic musical experience.

With throbbing dance beats, driving electric guitar, and Mercer’s distinctive vocals, Electric Scissors makes a strong statement to the growing electronic music scene on the East Coast.  “Our fans love to dance,” says Mercer,  “we give them what they want and have them leaving our show thinking that they’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Electric Scissors Is A Fascinating Album

Scientists of Sound

Electric Scissors is a fascinating album.  From the opening track, “Static Klingon”, one can tell that Scientists of Sound expands on the experimentation of The Jimmy Swift Band and (I’ve heard) on Crowell’s former band Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees. 

The album is a mix of songs with vocals and instrumentals. With the exception of the catchy instrumental “HUSWORTH” (which  reminds me of Daft Punk’s “Around The World”), I prefer the songs containing lyrics as I like Mercer’s vocals and enjoy his sometimes cheeky lyrics.  

My favourite songs on this album are “Electric Scissors” (I love this song – it is one that could easily be a big hit for the band). “Run With It” and “All Around Drowned” (a song that reminded me of Buck 65’s “Wicked and Weird”).   “Statik Klingon”, “PONTIAC” and “Mothership” are also great listens. 

Scientists of Sound remind me of Daft Punk and Gorillaz.  Their music is sure to have a dance floor packed, jumping and sweaty. Listening to this album, it is easy to envision a scintillating live show.

Electric Scissors is set to be released  on June 18th.  The Halifax CD release show at The Seahorse (w guests KDZ and P80) is Friday, June 21st.  Tickets are $12 in advance / $15 at the door.   This is one live show you will not want to miss.

Track Listing
 1. Statik Klingon
3. Run With It
4. Stare the Wolf In the Eyes (and become him but stronger)
 5. Furiosity Killed The Cat
6. All Around Drowned
7. The Brightest Light In The Sky (is not a star at all)
8. Electric Scissors
9. Train REC
11. Mothership


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