Three Sheet Play an Amazing Show at Patchwork House Concerts


Well that was awesome!!!

Halifax hip-hop band Three Sheet played Patchwork House Concerts earlier this evening.  I attended the show with my two kids – both huge Three Sheet fans.


photo from East Coast Music Week

Today just happened to be the host’s oldest son’s 15th birthday.  So, to celebrate they invited Expedyte, EMC, Vanessa Furlong, Ryan O”Quinn, and Kevin “Gator” Tilley (better know as Three Sheet) to play a show in their living room. 


The show was well attended with ages ranging from 6 years old to…well…older.  Three Sheet started the show with a trio of songs that had me thinking my 6-year-old son had selected the playlist.  A few times during the evening he shot me looks that said “I can’t believe we are really here.

The show started with “Three Dollar Billz”, followed by “At The End of the Day” and “Stand Still”.  The remainder of the first set featured songs from the bands first two albums as well as some songs from their next release.  It also had an amazing beat-box solo from EMC.  The first set ended with the classic “The Bees”.


After a short break, where the band had an opportunity to mingle with those in attendance, they returned to the stage for a rousing second set. 


The second set featured more songs from Three Sheet’s upcoming album, a Ryan O’Quinn guitar solo and a Kevin Tilley bass solo.  It also featured the songs “Loungin” and “You” (see videos at the end of this post).


Three Sheet put on an excellent show.  All of the members are super talented.  They are friendly, funny and get along marvelously.  

EMC does something few people in the this country can do, Furlong has an amazing voice and Expedite is a great front man.  All attention and accolades they receive are well deserved.  After watching the band tonight, I was left thinking that “the guys that play instruments” are highly underrated.  O’Quinn and Tilley are AMAZING!  No other word for it.  O”Quinn is a master with sounds (and has some sweet looking guitars).  At times I was mesmerized by some of the guitar and bass solos. 


This was certainly a night to remember.  If Three Sheet are ever in your neighbourhood, you have to go.

This is how we saw the concert (from the front row):

“You” (video shot by 8-year-old)

“Loungin” (video shot by 6-year-old)



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