Happy Canada Day: Canada Songs by East Coast Artists

Happy Canada Day!  Here are a few songs from East Coast artists to inspire you to wear the maple leaf.  Take some time to listen to them if you can.

 Special thanks to those who suggested songs to add to this list.  I have included all suggested songs as they remind you of being Canadian.  There is also a non East Coast artist included – Big Sugar.  These guys play out here so much and write songs with many East Coast artists (and they are such great guys) that they should be honorary Atlantic Canadians.

Stompin’ Tom – Canada Day, Up Canada Way

Classified – Oh…Canada

Joel Plaskett Emergency – True Patriot Love

The Trews – …And We Are The Trews

Willie Stratton – True North

Sloan – The Rest of My Life

Stephen Fearing – The Longest Road

Ron Hynes – Gone To Canada

North of America – And They All Thought Canada

Great Big Sea – Recruiting Sargeant

Catherine MacLellan – Eastern Girl

Ian Sherwood w/Christa Couture – Here I Go

Big Sugar – O Canada

Other Songs for which I could not find video/music to put in the post

Old Man Luedecke – Wrong Side of the Country – Listen to it at the CBC radio site


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