10 Questions With…Dana Beeler!

(photo by Meghan Tansey Whitton)

Dana Beeler is a Halifax based singer-songwriter whose heartfelt narratives are rooted in folk with undertones of the blues.  Dana is a gifted songwriter, has a beautiful voice, is charming and instantly likable.  She sings with a raw emotion that draws the listener into her world.   You can listen to Dana’s most recent single “Last Call”, from The Long Goodbye, at the end of this post.

Dana will be playing The Company House on July 15th along with Jordan Cameron and Breagh MacKinnon.  I recently had an opportunity to catch up with Dana and ask her a few questions.  “10 Questions With…” is a great way to learn something you normally wouldn’t in a review or interview.  Read on.

1. When did you first decide you wanted to be a musician?

2010. I played my first show opening for the Whiskey Kisses. I kind of fell in love with the Company House. I had been playing for 4 years prior with my family, but I think that was the time when I really thought I could pursue it as a career.

2. Who are your biggest musical influences?

Amelia Curran and Merl Haggard. They are both incredible songwriters, and I’ve been listening to their music for years. I grew up on Merl Haggard and all that old timey country/rock music. The story telling is my favorite part of the song, and both Amelia and Merl Haggard are incredible storytellers and singers.

3. What is your all-time favourite song/album?

Graceland, Paul Simon.

4. What has been your favourite moment of your musical career?

Standing on stage with my family at the Lunenburg Folk Harbor Festival. 1500+ people, a standing ovation, it was possibly the greatest moment of my life.

5. Who have you worked with that you never imagined you would have the opportunity?

I’ve spent two summers writing songs and hanging out with Gordie Sampson, and a whole crew of amazing songwriters. I never thought I’d be given the chance to write with even one amazing songwriter, but 16 different awesome, amazing people who are also talented is like a dream.

6. Who is your dream duet with?

Merle Haggard. He is amazing. Enough said. Or Biggie Smalls. I secretly want to be a rapper.

7. Where would you like to tour?

Germany, I might tour there and never come back! (joking, I love Halifax)! I’d play anywhere to be honest.  I love travelling and seeing new places and things.

8. If you could invite two people to dinner (living or dead), who would they be and why?

Biggie Smalls & Kurt Vonegut. I feel like both of them would appreciate home cooked meals and good wine. I’d also love to see them talk about lyrics and poetic liberties.

9.. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

In a completely different life where I wasn’t supposed to be a musician, I would probably be an accountant, or a banker or something else  because I like working with money and helping people learn about savings and future money goals and all those things people find boring and mundane. But in this life, if I couldn’t do music I would probably go back to riding horses and try to make a living at something else that is near impossible to do.

10. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Sleeping in a bed with a frame, and matching sheet set, haha. I’m not sure, hopefully still doing everything I love, with people who are amazing.


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