The Trews are Recording a New Album With Help From Fans


The Trews are heading back to the recording studio and you can help them record their new album.

On June 17th the band officially announced the launch of their PledgeMusic Campaign.  The campaign – a direct-to-fan project, enlists the help and support of The Trews’ fans far beyond the standard record release, making the entire project engaging from start to finish.  You can pledge your support now at

There are some unique rewards for pledging to this campaign, like “Buy Sean” for just $11 (unfortunately all gone); Skype chat; drum lesson with Sean; digital artwork by Jack; 4 on 4 street hockey with the Trews; jam with the Trews; have John-Angus produce your track; or tour Antigonish with a Trew.  There is something for everyone. 

I was fortunate to receive an autographed vinyl and limited edition The Trews pledge t-shirt as a gift.

Take a look at the pledge site and then head over to my October 2012 post – “Top 10 Trews Songs” to see if you agree.


2 thoughts on “The Trews are Recording a New Album With Help From Fans

  1. Great to see The Trews putting out more material, truly a great group Rock On .. !! This pledge music is an interesting web site indeed
    Thanks for your great articles on the local music scene … like your work a lot

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