Bloody Diamonds shine at Michael’s Bar and Grill (July 6, 2013)

The Bloody Diamonds and Verse The Sun summer tour made its last stop on July 6th at Michael’s Bar and Grill in Halifax.  Joining them for the evening were Old Blood and Jessie Brown.   It was a great night of music and I will create a post for each act.  Lets start with…

Bloody Diamonds

Bloody Diamonds is Sara Elizabeth (Vocals / Organ), Jake Seaward (Guitar), Kristen Wells (Bass / Vocals) and Kyle Smith (Drums).  They are a hard rock band from Halifax that have a distinct late 60’s / early 70’s bluesy metal feel. 


Jake Seaward and Sara Elizabeth

This was the last night of their summer tour and they were ready to show their hometown fans a good time.  This was also the first tour with new band members Wells and Smith, who fit in nicely with Elizabeth and Seaward.


Kristen Wells


Kyle Smith

Bloody Diamonds was the last of the four bands to take the stage and the audience was pumped.  Most knew what to expect from this great live band and did not go home disappointed. 

Bloody Diamonds opened their set with crowd favourite “She Ain’t Pretty” and many in attendance headed straight to the front of the stage.  Knowing how to keep their fans captivated, Bloody Diamonds followed “She Ain’t Pretty” with their latest single “Monsters” (recorded by AC Scorpio). 

Next came the unrecorded “Gimme That Gun”, followed by “I’m Not A Machine” and “Monopoly” (both from their excellent debut album They’ve Got Secrets).   

One of the striking things about Bloody Diamonds’ songs is the great guitar riffs and guitarist Seaward plays them masterfully. 


Jake Seaward

As a band, Bloody Diamonds shines, but it is impossible to take your eyes off vocalist Sara Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is the complete rock star package.  Aside from having a fantastic voice, Elizabeth has great stage presence and moves seamlessly from the front of the stage to the keys.  

Never was Elizabeth’s mastery of the stage more evident than on the band’s “dance song” – “Baby Don’t Be Nice”.  


Sara Elizabeth

Bloody Diamonds finished the night with “Nightmare” and “Bright Lights Darling” (watch both videos recorded by AC Scorpio below).  Bloody Diamonds is a band on the rise and they put on a great live show.  When they head back out on tour be sure to take in a performance. 

“Nightmare” (recorded by AC Scorpio):

“Bright Lights Darling” (recorded by AC Scorpio):


You can also check out some awesome photos of the show taken by Noiseography.

Set List

1. She Ain’t Pretty
2. Monsters
3. Gimme That Gun
4. I’m Not A Machine
5. Monopoly
6. Baby Don’t Be Nice
7. Nightmare
8. Bright Lights Darling


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