Newfoundland’s Pathological Lovers play The Seahorse Saturday, July 27th with Carmen Townsend and Still Native

My all-time favourite Newfoundland frontman is coming to Halifax!

On July 27th Newfoundland’s The Pathological Lovers join Carmen Townsend and Still Native at The Seahorse for a “can’t miss” show.   Formed in 2006, The Pathological Lovers are Jody Richardson, Dave Rowe, Alex Pierson and Grant King.  They have released one album, Calling All Favours, and have a huge following in St. John’s.

The Pathological Lovers


With all due respect to Hey Rosetta’s front man, Tim Baker (my 2nd favourite Newfoundland frontman), my love of Jody Richardson’s music dates back about 25 years.  I first remember Richardson as the frontman for the Thomas Trio and the Red Albino – perhaps the best band ever to come from St. John’s. 

The Thomas Trio & The Red Albino


In the late 1980’s / early 1990’s, I had a radio show on CHMR (MUN Radio) and every week I would play something from the band’s Jam It Inya cassette (I think we had it on cart back then).  I attended many Thomas Trio & The Red Albino concerts and still (to this day) have the t-shirt.  It’s the shirt with the pink, white and green map of Newfoundland that I am wearing on my blog picture.

Also during that time, Richardson’s younger brother, Chad, sang in another of my favourite band’s: The Park Sharks.  Their song “What Do You Know?” was featured on the Rock of the Rock 2 CD.  Chad later released three solo CDs (that I am the proud owner of).  Back to Jody…

After the Thomas Trio & The Red Albiino disbanded, Jody played in Fur Packed Action and did some acting (Republic of Doyle), among other things.

Fur Packed Action


Now the frontman for The Pathological Lovers, Richardson returns to Nova Scotia with the band for a couple of shows.  They play at Governor’s Pub in Sydney July 26th  (with Yellow) and in Halifax on July 27th at The Seahorse.

Here is the Facebook event page for the Halifax show.

Check out this great video for “Best Served” and Richardson’s interview with Jian Ghomeshi of Q.  Then get yourself to one of these “can’t miss” shows.

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