CD Review: Steady Hills – Alone In The Marquee

Alone in the Marquee cover art

Steady Hills  is a Nova Scotia band made up of Chad Harrington and Andrew Dahms.   They recently released their debut EP, recorded live at the Marquee Club in Halifax, appropriately titled Alone In The Marquee.

Steady Hills play a melodic brand of folk with heavy emphasis on the drums.  The vocals call to mind current Nova Scotia heavyweights Wintersleep and the simplicity of the music is reminiscent of Nova Scotia legends The Inbreds.

Alone in the Marquee begins with the song “Today”,  about living life in the moment rather than dwelling on the past.  That song is followed by my favourite on the album, “Hometown Hero”.   This song is about the dissatisfaction with an “Ideal” life and finding the strength to change. 

steady hills

The third song is “Long Grey Road”,  a song about leaving a long relationship, moving from a old home, questioning everything, and not having the answers.  “Dark Room” is a great song that falls into the category of songs about depression – a category that includes Hey Rosetta’s “The Simplest Thing” and Jont’s “Hurt To Love”. 

Steady Hills get a little heavier on “Guarded Emotions”.  This rock song is about two cautious souls looking for love.  The last song “Live Like Kings” makes the listener reflect that although our lives are generally great, we don’t always feel that way.

Alone in the Marquee is a very enjoyable listen.  The songs are well written, melodic and thought provoking.  Steady Hills have captured a live performance feel in a studio album and the result is a solid debut album well worth a listen.

Hometown Hero:

Track Listing
1. Today
2. Hometown Hero
3. Long Grey Roads
4. Dark Room
5. Guarded Emotions
6. Live Like Kings


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