CD Review: This Ship – All The Stars & Elements

This Ship cd

There is a lot to like about This Ship.  First, their influences include The Beatles, Wintersleep and Arcade Fire (and those influences are evident in their music).  Second, they make music that is fun to listen to and they obviously enjoy playing together.  Third, they have a keytar (yes, a keytar!).  Fourth, they are a hard working band. 

In the past year, This Ship have played numerous shows, have performed at Canadian Music Week, North by Northeast and Evolve.  They also released All the Stars & Elements.

This Ship

All the Stars & Elements is this indie rock/pop band’s debut album.  It consists of 5-songs and vocals are shared between band members.  This Ship consists of Bethany Fulde (vocals/guitar), Justin MacPherson Wiles (vocals/keyboard/keytar), Jordan Stephens (vocals/bass) and Adam Martin(vocals/drums). There are some stunning voices in this band and All the Stars & Elements showcases the band members vocal abilities and harmonies.   Aside from the vocal stylings, This Ship is also blessed with some very talented musicians.  At various times on the album, the guitar riffs, drums, bass, piano and even tambourine take the forefront. 

My two favourite songs on the album are “Typical Speakers” and “Houses, Not Homes”.  Both songs combine all that is good about the band (vocals, harmonies, melody, musicianship, writing) and have a Hey Rosetta! feel to them.  I am looking forward to hearing more from This Ship in the future.

Track Listing
1. The Blockade
2. Memory
3. Typical Speakers
4. The City
5. Houses, Not Homes



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