Don Brownrigg releases new single “Sweet Dream Sleeper”

Don Brownrigg
(photo by Julé Malet-Veale)

In 2007, Don Brownrigg released his debut album, Wander Songs.  Since that time, Brownrigg (who is from Newfoundland and resides in Halifax)  has worked on many other musician’s records, but had not released a follow up to his debut…until now.

In October, Brownrigg will release his long awaited second album It Takes All Kinds (to make this world, I find).  The album is produced by ECMA award winning producer, Daniel Ledwell.

Fans of Brownrigg’s music will not have to wait until October to hear the new single from the album.  That song, titled “Sweet Dream Sleeper”, is now available on iTunes. 

I have purchased the song and can tell you that it is a very catchy tune.  Definitely worth the 99 cents.  And really, what else can you get for less than a dollar these days that will provide you so much enjoyment.

Click her to listen to Sweet Dream Sleeper on Brownrigg’s CBC music page and then head over to iTunes to purchase “Sweet Dream Sleeper”.


8 thoughts on “Don Brownrigg releases new single “Sweet Dream Sleeper”

  1. Apparently it’s only available on the Canadian iTunes store (I’m in the US and never knew there was a Canadian store!)

  2. Hey folks, this is Don!
    Thank you for listening to this little song!
    I am only just realizing it isn’t available in the US as well – I think I would need a label in the US or something. Sorry about that. I will try to make it available on a wider scale.
    Thanks for putting the link above.

  3. “How are you supposed to know” is a great song which was featured on “The Blacklist” however is not available in the US iTunes store. Anyway to change that??

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