CD Review: The WAX – Waiting Room

the wax cd

The WAX is a rock/electronic band from Halifax, Nova Scotia formed in 2012 by Phyl La Ferriere after an internship through his audio engineering course sent him to work with Halifax band The Jimmy Swift Band.  

The WAX features La Ferriere (vocals/guitar), James Spray (Synth/Vocals),  Doug Scurfield (Drums) and Etienne Girard (Bass).  After winning an Emerging Artist Recording Grant through Tourism Nova Scotia, the band recorded their first full length record Waiting Room.

the wax 1

With a heavy reliance on synthesizer, the 7-song Waiting Room masterfully merges rock, pop and electronic genres into a high-tempo album full of energy and force.  With powerful songs, such as “Eon Highway” and “Waiting Room”, there can be no doubt that The WAX creates an electric atmosphere at a live show.   It is no wonder that The Wax was named the “best artist to be blown away by” in the The Coast’s 2013 Best of Music readers’ survey.  

The Wax’s energetic music is perfectly complemented by La Ferriere’s vocals – hard to describe, but wonderful to hear (give a listen my three favourites from the album below).  This is a very impressive debut by a band that should be on your radar.


1. Rift
2. Eon Highway
3. Waiting Room
4. Militant
5. N.Y.K.
6. Departure
7. Going Nowhere Slow


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