Steve Poltz, co-writer of “You Were Meant For Me” returns to Halifax!

What would your reaction be if I told you that the co-writer of the song that holds the record as the longest running single in the history of the BillBoard chart was playing 3 shows in Halifax in August? 

Steve Poltz

Now, what if I told you that co-writer was born in Halifax! 

I think that after questioning my musical knowledge,  you’d be pretty impressed.  Well, prepare to be impressed.

Steve Poltz & Jewel
(photo from C. Todd (Facebook)

The song is “You Were Meant For Me”.  You know it. It was performed by Jewel on her first album Pieces of You (1995).  If I give you the first line, you could probably sing it through.  “I hear the clock; it’s 6 a.m.; I feel so far from where I’ve been.  I’ve got my eggs and my pancakes too…” 

Halifax born singer-songwriter, Steve Poltz, co-wrote “You Were Meant For Me” with Jewel.  Poltz, who now lives in San Diego, has 13 albums and is one of the most beloved songwriters of his generation. Mike Campbell (of The Carleton in Halifax) has stated  “I’ve been in the music business for over 30 years…During that time, I can safely say I have NEVER seen a better solo performer than Steve Poltz”; and  X front man John Doe once  said, “My idea of hell would be having Steve Poltz open for me every day. There’s no place left  for the audience to go.”

photo from Steve Poltz website

Halifax, you are lucky.  Poltz plays August 11 and 12 at The Carleton and August 17 at Patchworks House Concerts.   Each concert is only $20.  Poltz is a must-see performer and now would be a great chance to see him.

How the song “You Were Meant For Me” was written is a fascinating story – the “Drug Bust” story.  And who better to tell it than the co-writers.  Watch the videos below to see Poltz tell the story and then Jewel tell the story.  After that, take a look at the official video for the song featuring Jewel and Poltz.  The video won the Best Female Video at the MTV Video Music Awards.  I’ve also included a couple of the photos from the “drug bust” story that are on Poltz’s website, because…well..they are awesome!


Steve Poltz telling the “Drug Bust” Story

Jewel telling the “Drug Bust” Story

“You Were Meant For Me” Official Video


23stevejewel 23yesstevejewel


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