The Standstills & A Primitive Evolution “Burnin’ Rubber Tour” Hits Halifax August 17th with special guests Bloody Diamonds and The Stogies

A Primitive Evolution and The Standstills are currently on an East Coast tour and they arrive at Michael’s Bar and Grill in Halifax this Saturday.  They’ll be joined by a couple of great local bands: Bloody Diamonds and The Stogies.  The show starts at 10:00 and is only $10. 

A Primitive Evolution

“Epic is pretty much the only way to describe A Primitive Evolution’s music. The Toronto-based band is made up of former members of Lye and Aphasia, and the result of the talented trio making music together is an authoritative testament on what rock and roll really is.” –  Punk Globe Magazine

A Primitive Evolution
(photo by Samit Bhatia)

The Standstills

“They’ve got these riff heavy hooks, but totally rock the same kind of gnarl and intensity some of the 90’s industrial and metal bands did.” -Alan Cross (A Journal Of Musical Things)

The Standstills

The Stogies

“I wish every artist in Canada were as remotely talented, hip, clever and succinct as the Stogies. This is rock and roll the way it should STILL be played”  Cashbox Canada Magazine 

The Stogies

Bloody Diamonds

“As a band, Bloody Diamonds shines, but it is impossible to take your eyes off vocalist Sara Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the complete rock star package” – The Halifax Musicphile

Bloody Diamonds
(photo by Andrew Stones)


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