Ron Hynes Plays The Carleton on August 19th and 21st

You might know him as “the man of a thousand songs”; or you might know him as “the guy who wrote Sonny’s Dream”; or you might know him simply as “Ron”; but you know him.  He is Newfoundland music legend Ron Hynes

Hynes, as you may know, recently underwent treatment for throat cancer.  In September 2012, a number of benefit concerts were held, including one in Halifax.  You can read my Rally For Ron Hynes: God Speed, God Bless, God Damn review here

Hynes returns to Halifax for a couple of shows at the Carleton on Monday, August 19th and Wednesday, August 21st.  Both shows are sold out.  If you are lucky enough to have seats for either of these shows, have a great time.  One of my all-time favourite concerts was when I stumbled upon Ron Hynes playing the tiny Rose & Thistle in downtown St. John’s.  These upcoming Halifax shows at The Carleton are bound to be intimate shows with one of the best story-tellers this country has ever known.

Here are a few videos to get you warmed up, including “Sonny’s Dream” (by Ron’s old band, Wonderful Grand Band) and my favourite Ron Hynes song “Killer Cab”.  That song always brings chills as I picture the cab driving the streets of St. John’s from downtown up the road toward Blackhead (which is on the way to Cape Spear).  I don’t know why that is my route for the cab, but there are few other songs that bring such a clear visual.  Enjoy the videos and get out to the show.


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