Song for the Day (August 25, 2013): RocketRocketShip – Here’s To Us

RocketRocketShip is a band from St. John’s Newfoundland with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm…oh, and they make some pretty fine music too.   RocketRocketShip have a great on-line presence with thousands of “Rocketeers” following their every word/tweet.

The band is made up of Tyrone MacNeil (Lead Vocals), Matt Dines (guitar, vocals), Paul Brake (lead guitar, vocals),, David Shears (bass, vocals), Jeremy Kelly (drums) and Kenny Purchase (synth) and have opened for bands like Mariana’s Trench and Ten Second Epic.

RocketRocketShip just released a new single titled “Here’s To Us”.  It’s been getting a lot of radio play and solid reviews.  Give it a listen.  You can purchase it on iTunes or on RocketRocketShip’s Bandcamp page.

To find out more about RocketRocketShip:

RocketRocketShip website
RocketRocketShip Facebook Page
RocketRocketShip on Twitter
RocketRocketShip You Tube Channel


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