CD Review: Pat LePoidevin – American Fiction

Picture going back to your hometown (or better yet go). Visit  the neighbourhood where you grew up, the places where you played, your old schools and the stores where you bought your ice cream (or comics or hockey cards).  Then visit the countryside where you vacationed, walk among the trees and swim in the lakes. Take it in. Really take it all in. Take your “trip down memory lane”. The good and the bad. Take a look at how things have changed – for better and for worse. Are the playgrounds still there? The ball fields? The schools? Your old neighbours? Your friends?  Now write about those places – how they were, how they are now and how you feel.

American Fiction feels like LePoidevin ‘s version of that trip back in time as he takes the listener on a journey through life in small towns.  LePoidevin looks back at how things were and at how things have changed. He sings about his high school sweetheart (Tracy, MO) and the girl guide parade (Hanna, WY).  He sings about a way of life that no longer exists. 

LePoidevin is  blessed with a lovely singing voice. I especially like when he sings in a higher register as he does on the opening track, “Winter Park, CO” and (parts of) “Tracy, MO”.  LePoidevin is also a very talented songwriter and storyteller with the gift of drawing the listener into his stories.  

At times, you feel like you are inside the song with the characters. You can see the sights, hear the sounds and smell the smells. Never is this more evident than on “Caliente,CA” – a song you can listen to while putting yourself in your own hometown and taking the journey with LePoidevin. 

 American Fiction is as much an album to be experienced as it is an album to be listened to.  Lyrics like “the photograph is set in time behind the glass downstairs” (Caliente, CA), will leave you longing for days gone by and, who knows, may even lead you on a journey “home”.  

Favourite songs – Winter Park, CO; Centralia, PA; Caliente, CA; Tracy, MO

Track Listing
1. Winter Park, CO
2. Centralia, PA
3. Hanna, NY
4. Canby, OR
5. Caliente, CA
6. Shelby, MT
7. Celebration, FL
8. Tracy, MO
9. Hayden Lake, ID
10. Twilight Park, NY


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