10 Questions With Sara Elizabeth and Jake Seaward of Bloody Diamonds

Jake Seaward & Sara Elizabeth

Jake Seaward & Sara Elizabeth

Halifax’s Bloody Diamonds get a lot of ink at The Halifax Musicphile – and for good reason.  They are one awesome, hardworking band that put on a hell of a live show. They are also good people with a great attitude toward music and their fans….and they have awesome tour/show posters.  

Bloody Diamonds love to tour.  Sara Elizabeth (lead vocalist) has said that “Touring is the best part about being a musician. I even love sleeping in our van. We’ve met so many amazing people on the road… playing shows every night is what we live for. We’re so grateful for everyone who helps make this possible!” , while Jake Seaward (guitarist) stated: “We’ve lost members, lost our jobs… we almost lose our apartment every month. But it’s all so worth it. We can’t thank our fans enough for their constant support! I don’t think we’ll ever stop touring.” 

To no one’s surprise, Bloody Diamonds are back on the road.  They began their Newfoundland tour on October 15th.  They will return to Halifax for a Halifax Pop Explosion showcase on October 25th before heading out to Quebec and Ontario in November (full tour dates below). 

The Halifax Musicphile was lucky to get a few minutes of Sara and Jake’s time for “10 Questions with…”

1. For those who are unfamiliar with Bloody Diamonds, tell me a bit about the band.
Jake: Well, we’re from Halifax, NS, Canada and we play heavy bluesy rock n’ roll that’s kind of creepy. Originally the band was conceived by Sara and Jake in earlier 2011, and we played our first show that June. We all knew each other from music school and lived near each other so it worked out pretty well. Our debut album was recorded that fall and released in 2012. Once that was out we began touring pretty relentlessly, spent a few months on the road, a lot of nights sleeping in our van, had ups and downs, some member changes, got nominated for an award and learned a lot. We released a 7″ called Monsters this spring, went back on the road, pretty much same story. That bring us to now and we’re gearing up for more touring this fall. I’d say that pretty much sums up what we’ve been up to for the past two years.

2. When did you first decide you wanted to be a musician?
Sara: For me, it wasn’t until I was 15 or 16 that I realized I wanted to be a musician. Jake’s known since his was really, really young.
3. Who are your biggest musical influences?
Sara: We’ve all come from different musical backgrounds. I listened to a lot of powerful rock, country and blues vocalists when I was younger. Jake has also been into riff rock, so.. Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, etc. Kenny’s favourite band is Black Sabbath. Then as a group we’re all really into more modern rock bands like Band of Skulls, Queens of The Stone Age, and The Dead Weather.
4. What is your all-time favourite song/album?
Jake: I don’t think any of us have only one favourite album or song… we get asked this question a lot and can never really answer it.
5. What has been your favourite moment as a member of Bloody Diamonds?
Jake: My favourite moment so far has definitely been when Ian from Billy Talent came to our show at The Bovine in Toronto. It was really cool to see one of my idols from a kid at a gig I was playing.
6. Bloody Diamonds has toured a lot this past year.  Have there been any memorable moments?
Sara: Too many really. Our trips to Newfoundland have always been really eventful, especially the first one when we got screeched in. We’ve had a reasonable amount of vehicle problems which makes trips “memorable” but not necessarily in a good way haha. Last June we went to Toronto to play NXNE, that was really rad. We got to go to a few parties and meet some really cool folks, and the whole vibe of the festival was just really lively. Overall, every show we play is memorable in some way though, touring is the best part about being a musician.
7. Is there somewhere you would like to tour that you haven’t been to yet?
Jake: Anywhere we haven’t toured to yet is somewhere we want to tour to in the future. I’m sure there are tons of places I’ve never even heard of that are amazing to play in too. But everyone has there own dream tour destinations. Mine is New Zealand, I love that country. Sara really wants to tour Europe and Brazil. We’ve heard they go crazy for heavy rock bands there.
8. If you could invite two people to sit in with the band, who would they be and why?
Sara: That’s a tough one, but off the top of my head it’d probably be Josh Homme and Jack White.
9. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?
Sara: Probably just traveling the world. Not working a day job. Tattoo artists maybe. Haven’t really put much thought into that.
10. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Jake: Still touring, no longer working day jobs and hopefully not in debt for our van. I think we’ll have toured over a million kilometres by then.
Sara: Yeah, full-time musicians. Full-time band. That whole “touring the world” dream would ideally be reality.


UPCOMING TOUR DATES  (Nova Scotia & New Brunswick)
October 25 – Halifax Pop Explosion at Casino Nova Scotia with The Caravan, Jessie Brown, and This Sound Will Save You
November 2 – Peppers Pub, Saint John, NB with Verse The Sun, and Along With Ghosts
UPCOMING TOUR DATES  (Quebec & Ontario)
Bloody Diamonds November 2013 Tour Poster

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