10 Questions With Ian Alistair Gosbee

Ian Alistair Gosbee never seems to slow down.  Since the summer of 2011, Gosbee has released three albums (Music; Invisible & Life Gets In The Way), played numerous live shows, been a FACTOR juror and has had success in a couple of music contests.

Gosbee was the Halifax representative n the CBC Searchlight competition (to choose Canada’s Next Great Musical Act).  As one of the 24 Searchlight finalists, Gosbee gained valuable experience and national exposure.  Gosbee has followed that success with a spot in the final round of the Long & McQuaid Head-to-Head Music Showdown and is currently awaiting the results.

Gosbee, who was raised on classical violin, also played in a few popular cover bands before setting out on his solo musical career.  If you are in Halifax, you can catch Gosbee at Rockbottom Brewpub on Saturday, November 9th (see poster below). 

Gosbee took some time out of his busy schedule to take part in “10 Questons with…”

1. When did you first decide you wanted to be a musician?

Growing up in a musical family, it was just second nature.  I remember digging out the pots and pans in the kitchen and banging away on them while still in diapers!  My first formal music lesson was in the Springhill music centre at the age of 7.  After doing classical violin, I switched to drums and then it progressed to other instruments.

2. Who are your biggest musical influences?

It was my family.  Dad was a judge and pipe major in bagpipe bands and my mother played piano and taught highland dancing.  My brother played drums in bagpipe bands and local cover bands.  My grandmother would visit and played gospel songs on the piano.  There was always music in the home.  My other siblings had music collections from heavy metal to country music.  So classical, celtic, rock and country.  It was a great diversity of musical styles.  I can’t just pick one influence.

3. What is your all-time favourite song/album?

K-tel and the California Raisins used to compile these cover songs / albums from a bunch of different artists (like motown or greatest hits).  I used to listen to a lot of that stuff.  Hard question as I like a ton of music. I like KISS Alive and Iron Maiden Live after Death.  Nirvana’s Nevermind and Michael Jackson’s Thriller are probably in my top 5 albums.

 4. You have released three albums since 2011.  Wow.  How did you do it?

Coffee and having a great person to record me.  I’ve been a studio session player for years so ‘getting ‘er done’ was pretty quick.  I set up a weekly studio session with John Murphy of Simple Productions.  Sometimes I would write a song on the spot, which seems to be the best songs I’ve written.  I think over analyzing can really over produce a song, which wasn’t something I was going for.  Being a one man band, I did everything in one or two takes and pretty much had a song completed in one night.

 5. What has been your favourite moment of your music career?

I just received a plaque from CBC Music.  I won the Main Street Nova Scotia region and was one of the 24 regional finalists.  This was a huge achievement as I believe there were over 3000 artists entered and it was all public voting so I was pretty proud that I had that many people voting for me.  Besides that, winning the best musician award in High School (we were the Canadian champions in our division).  There are lots of little things but those are the highlights.

 6.  What would your dream concert/festival line-up look like?

A dry one.  I’ve been to the SARS festival and Ozzfest so I like going big festivals with a ton of bands and a ton of people.  I would like to get to Download festival in the UK or the Rio festival in Brazil at some point.  I’ve played all the local festivals and they are always fun.

7.  If you could invite two people to join you on stage or in the studio, who would they be and why?

Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl.  Well they are both multi- instrumentalists so maybe I could get them to play a few things eh.  There are a ton of people locally I would like to record with.  It’s always been a scheduling issue but someday!  In the meantime I’m waiting for Dave to call haha.

8. We all have someone (or more than one person) that has influenced the person we have become.  We often never get the chance to say “thank you”.  Who would you like to thank for the impact they have had on your life?

Dad!  Thanks!  Also Steve Harris, I copy a lot on the bass guitar.

9. If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing?

I would open my own martial arts centre and break boards.

10. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Musically in 20 years.  Teaching music and playing legions.  Besides that retired and reading Stephen King novels.


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