CD Review: Gordie MacKeeman and his Rhythm Boys – Pickin’ – n – Clickin’

Pickin’ -n- Clickin‘ by Gordie MacKeeman And His Rhythm Boys is an album to get your hands clappin’ and your feet tappin’.  It is an album full of fast paced (folk/rockabilly/bluegrass) music that’ll make you want to become a banjo or fiddle player  before the 14 songs play through.

Gordie MacKeeman and His Rhythm hail from Prince Edward Island.  The band features Gordie MacKeeman (fiddle, feet, vocals), Mark Geddes (bass, drums, percussion, mandolin, banjo), Thomas Webb (bass, banjo, guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals) and Peter Cann (guitar, vocals).  They were awarded the Galaxie Supernova Award at the 2012 Ottawa Folk Festival for their outstanding live performance and Tom Power (CBC Radio’s Deep Roots) called them his “Best Discovery Band” at the 2012 East Coast Music Awards.

Produced by Nathan Wiley and mixed by Dale Murray, Pickin’ -n’ Clickin’ features guest appearances by Meaghan Blanchard, Hannah Rose, Jon Matthews, Nathan Wiley, Dale DesRoches, Michael Pendergast and Mike Dixon.  Included in the 14 songs on the album are six instrumentals and four traditional songs arranged by the band.

The fun that is Pickin’ -n’ Clickin’ starts right from the opening few tracks (Champagne Polka, Ragtime Cowboy Joe and Gonna Get Out) and continues on through to the last couple of tracks (Scrape The Paint and Wildwood Flower).    There is even a rousing cover of Two Hours Traffic’s “Heroes of the Sidewalk”. Personally, I prefer songs with vocals, but if you are a fan of instrumentals featuring talented musicians this album is also for you.

Favourite songs – Ragtime Cowboy Joe, Gonna Get Out, Heroes of the Sidewalk, Hay Boys

Track Listing 
1. Champagne Polka
2. Ragtime Cowboy Joe
3. Gonna Get Out
4. Old joe Clark
5. Heroes of the Sidewalk
6. Jim’s Lament
7. O’Halloran Road
8. Working Title
9. There Is A Time
10. Hay Boys
11. King Ganam Style
12. Black Velvet Waltz
13.  Scrape The Paint
14. Wildwood Flower


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