CD Review: Jessica Rhaye – Far Gone Lullabies


Ron Sexsmith, Gordie Sampson, Royal Wood, Steve Poltz, Steven MacDougall.  What do all of these names have in common?  Aside from being talented musicians and song-writers, they also contribute to Jessica Rhaye‘s fourth album, Far Gone Lullabies.

Even surrounded by such talent, it is definitely Rhaye who shines brightest on this album.  Her voice and songs can be summed up in one word: “lovely”. 


Far Gone Lullabies, is one terrific album.  It features nine songs, mostly about hopes and dreams; and includes a beautiful cover of one of Canada’s most iconic folk songs “Four Strong Winds”.    The opening track “It Is All Right” (co-written with Royal Wood) would make my “Top 25 songs of 2013” (if I were ever to do such a list) and all the songs on this album are beautifully crafted. 

Rhaye at times reminds me of Serena Ryder or Christina Martin (high praise from here) and I find myself drawn into her music.  She is one artist to continue to keep an eye on as Far Gone Lullabies makes its way to radio stations across the country.

Favourite Songs – It Is All Right, You Know Me Better, Little Folk Songs, Ice Flow

Track Listing
1. It Is Alright
2. On My Mind For A While
3. You Know Me Better
4. We’ll Get By
5. Little Folk Song
6. Ice Flow
7. Waste a Little Time
8. Sleepwalk
9. Four Strong Winds


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