CD Review: The Band Before Time – Other Blunders

The Band Before Time‘s sophomore release, Other Blunders, offers something for everyone.   Whether playing radio friendly rock/pop (“Got Your Back”), Philosophers King/Jarvis Church inspired soul (“How Do You Love Me”), folk (“Coburg”) or a mixture of styles in one song (“At Least”), The Band Before Time’s holds the listeners attention. Their obvious musical talent allow them to play each genre extremely well.
The Band Before Time features childhood friends Charlie Grant (vocals/guitar), Jasper Crace (lead guitar/vocals), Bryce Tully (keys), Jeff Bethune (bass) and Mark Larsen (drums) and based on the different musical styles and sounds, my guess is there is more than one songwriter and lead vocalist.  

My interest in The Band Before Time came after hearing “Dark and Stormy” from their debut album Bootscats.  That song reminded me of the music of one of my favourite bands from 20 years ago and made me want to listen to more.  The more came in the form of Other Blunders – a solid album well worth listen.

Favourite songs: Got Your Back, 1671, How Do You Love Me, Coburg

Track Listing
1. Got Your Back
2. Avant Garde Card
3. Regret it in the Morning
4. At Least
5. 1671
6. Curtains
7. How Do You Love Me?
8. Pow!
9. Coburg
10. Song for the Lovers

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