CD Review: Linda Brooks – Give Yourself a Little Christmas

Each year, it is nice to find at least one special Christmas album .  This year, Give Yourself A Little Christmas by Linda Brooks is one album to add to your Christmas collection.   It is an album that you can listen to at any time and in any setting.  Whether decorating the tree, hosting a Christmas party, or just relaxing at home, Give Yourself A Little Christmas will put you in the Christmas spirit.

Give Yourself A Little Christmas features a number of Christmas classics, along with two originals (“Give Yourself A Little Christmas” and “This Christmas”) that make you reflect on the meaning of the Christmas season.

Linda Brooks
(photo by Heather Rushton)

Brooks has a lovely voice.  For the classics, she has maintained the familiarity of the songs.  They are the songs you know and love, performed as you remember.   “Give Yourself A Little Christmas” is a song about slowing down at Christmas time and giving yourself (and by extension those around you) a little kindness and love at Christmas.   “This Christmas” reminds us that Christmas is not about presents. The song is a request for something “that the whole world could enjoy” –  peace.

In “This Christmas”, Brooks sings “…we all want to slow down, we just don’t know how to do it”.  My suggestion, sit down, play Give Yourself A Little Christmas, close your eyes and…breathe.  Merry Christmas!

Track Listing
1. O Holy Night
2. Give Yourself A Little Christmas
3. Silent Night
4. Do You Hear What I Hear
5. This Christmas
6. Auld Lang Syne



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