CD Review: Magnolia – Magnolia

Magnolia‘s debut self-titled EP features flowing jazz flavoured music coupled with silky smooth vocals – a combination that gives Magnolia a timeless quality.

Magnolia is a Halifax-based duo consisting of Leanne Hoffman (vocals) and Scott MacLean (guitar/vocals).  The band’s debut self-titled EP was released in November and was produced by 2013 Music Nova Scotia “Musician of the Year” Erin Costelo – who also plays keyboards on the EP. 

Magnolia: Scott MacLean, Leanne Hoffman
(photo by Steven Gill)

To record the album, Magnolia enlisted Clive MacNutt (bass) and Ben Ross (drums), while (former Black Pool member) Phil Sedore contributed cello, trombone and lap steel.

The result is a mellow, heartfelt offering that leaves the listener wanting to hear more from this new band.

Track Listing
1. Anyone’s Neighbour
2. Wandering
3. Time Will Tell
4. Honey Please
5. The Thought Of Love
6. Cold Dry Hands

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